• Introduction

    Hotel Padang as Premier Basko Hotel, located in West Sumatera Indonesia, is the busiest harbor city on the west coast of Sumatera. When in Padang,...

  • Activities & Services
    Activities & Services

    Padang has been called a study in contrasts, yet seamlessly blends a progressive future while embracing rich traditions of the past. With its...

  • Accommodations

    Best accommodation for your business trip.Masterpieces in Premier Basko Hotel with professional touch and a very good view of the start beaches,...


Premier Basko Hotel Facilities

  • Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool
  • Bundo Kanduang Room
    Bundo Kanduang Room
  • Nantongga Ballroom
    Nantongga Ballroom
  • Irena Swimming Pool
    Irena Swimming Pool
  • Zello Lounge
    Zello Lounge
  • Bajamba Restaurant
    Bajamba Restaurant
  • Dalimo VIP Room
    Dalimo VIP Room
  • Cindua Mato Room
    Cindua Mato Room
  • Mandeh Meeting Room
    Mandeh Meeting Room
  • SPA & Massage
    SPA & Massage
  • Fitness Room
    Fitness Room