• Introduction

    Hotel Padang as Premier Basko Hotel, located in West Sumatera Indonesia, is the busiest harbor city on the west coast of Sumatera. When in Padang,...

  • Activities & Services
    Activities & Services

    Padang has been called a study in contrasts, yet seamlessly blends a progressive future while embracing rich traditions of the past. With its...

  • Accommodations

    Best accommodation for your business trip.Masterpieces in Premier Basko Hotel with professional touch and a very good view of the start beaches,...


Premier Basko Hotel Facilities

Zello Lounge

Enjoy your day at Zico Bar & Dine

Zello Lounge

Unforgettable Lounge

Enjoy your day at Zico Bar & Dine with excellent cuisine and a menu as you want, you can spend your time with friends and family, of course you also book open space at Basko Hotel Bistro on the 4th floor of the hotel building directly overlooking the padang beach

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